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Sydney 2000

Games of the XXVII Olympiad
(September 15- October 1)

It's a big year for Australians. As 100 years of federal parliamentary democracy approaches, our nation adjusts to life in the spotlight. World media has flocked to our shores, documenting the first Olympic Games of the new millenium.

Of course, Australia is no stranger to the Olympics, having hosted the 1956 Games in Melbourne, and being the only nation apart from Greece to have competed at every single modern Olympics. And Australians have had great medal success in the past, with icons such as Dawn Fraser, Shan Gould, Murray Rose & Kieren Perkins becoming household names.

This section of Funkyswim aims to provide you with the latest news concerning the swimmers featured on this site (Matt Dunn, Daniel Kowalski & Lenny Krayzelburg).

see matt's biosee daniel's biogo to the lenny krayzelburg zone
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