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12 october 1998-29 January 1999

12 October 1998
Okay, well this is the first section of my (call it what you will) updates site. So far, the basics are up and i'm trying to gather the info for all the sections. if i had a video capture what ever thingy, this page would be soo much better. No worries.
Congratulations to both Matt and Daniel at the Qantas skins held in sydney on the 10 oct. Matt was meters in front of his closest oponent in the mystery medley, and he picked up $4500 i think. Daniel came 2nd overall in the 2x200 meters which i think means he gets $2000. There was a live telecast to homebush during hey hey which had them both on.
Now time for me to bitch a bit. I didn't get a chance to see the welcoming back parade when they came to melbourne =( i'm pretty dissapointed, but seeing them on tv at the skins perked me up a bit. Hopefully i'll find a way to get to the Olympics and see them then. Those prices are steep though, so i may have to rely on the olympic club.
sorry about the length. later =)

22 October 1998
Top 100 1500m swimmers.

7 November 1998
There's nothing for me to say, but i just thought i'd put something up just for the sake of it. i'm starting to collect sound files of dan and matt, and i'll try put them up soon. Nudge me ifi haven't done anything the next time you return. Remember to bookmark =)29

November 1998
Daniel and matt were both on the peoples choice awards presenting an award last friday evening. it was aired on channel 7. unfortunately, they weren't actually nominated for an award themselves, but they looked pretty spunky in their tuxedo's.

4 December 1998
Today, daniel was on Catch Phrase, channel 9, but I have major suspicions that it was a repeat. Anyway, he won for his home viewer a couple of grand in cash and prizes. He was up against Tania Kernaghen, who is sister to fellow country singer Lee. There's also a couple of pics of daniel in a couple of those women magazines (womens weekly, womens day, new idea etc..) shown attending susie o'neills kinda recent wedding. i was flicking through them while i was waiting for my fish and chips. Also, I was going through some of those tapes that the Olympic Club sent out to us, and i found both Matt and Dan on them! =]

25 December 1998
Merry Christmas Everyone! Well today, i'm finally putting up some sounds. Apologies for those Matt fans, because i don't have very many sounds of him. But Daniel fans should be delighted. you'll find these sounds here. Umm, when i get one of my videos back, there'll be some more up shortly.

16 January 1999
Hopefully, you've all settled into the new year well. Today just happens to be my birthday. =] Matt has been competing in the FINA swimming championship held at homebush in Sydney, where the 2000 Olympics are to be. Matt has been frequently mentioned on the news because he won the the medley 200im medley. Tonight, coverage will be continued on tv (ch 9, melbourne) including the 1500 meters. Good Luck Daniel.
And I've learnt how to make mp3's, so they should be up soon too.

18 January 1999
Last Saturday both Daniel and Matt both placed at the FINA world cup at Homebush. In the 400im medley, Matt had a convincing win with a time of The competition was raising funds for the Asthma Foundation, and as an asthmatic himself, he presented the cheque.
Daniel went well in the 1500 meter free. As the pool was only 25 meters long, he had to do 60 laps, and led most of the way. Grant Hackett came first, some other guy 2nd, and Daniel was close behind with 3rd place with a time of 14:55.03.
Coverage from Tasmania will be aired tonight (monday) on channel 9, 9:30,(Australia), and continued tomorrow night. Stay tuned for more results.

19 January 1999
The next round of the FIFA world cup was held at Hobart, Tasmania, and television coverage will continue tonight on channel 9.
Matthew competed in 2 events last night. First off, was the 100m free. He placed 8th in the finals with a time of 50:69. But on the other hand, in his pet event, 400im, Matt came 1st, 3 seconds in front of Keller from Germany, adding another Sanyo cd player to his collection. (prizes at these FIFA games are Sanyo products) Matt's time was 4:12:43, about 8 seconds outside of the world record he set last year in Perth.
Daniel competed in one event last night, and that was the 400m freestyle. As expected, thorpe came first, Hacket-2nd, Brimbella of Italy came 3rd, and Daniel came an honourable 4th.
Both Dan and Matt have events today/tonight such as the 200im, and 1500m free. Good luck guys.

26 January 1999
On Night 2 of the FIFA world cup in Hobart, Matthew competed in the 200im starting in lane 3. He placed 1st with a time of 1:58:39 with Keller close behind.
Daniel had the 1500m free and was second for most of the race, behind fellow aussie, grant hackett. Eventually, he placed 4th, behind hackett, brimbella and hooper with a time of 15:05:10.

29 January 1999
I've put up some new pics of both matt and dan.

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