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21 March 1999- 31 July 1999

daniel and matt news plus site info

21 March 1999
Well the Australian Championships are underway which are being held in Queensland. Last night Daniel Kowalski was in the 400m free, up against Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett. All attention was focused on the 2, who, as expected, came 1st and 2nd respectiviely. Daniel placed an encouraging 3rd with a time of 3:48:86, 5 seconds behind the leader. Kieren Perkins placed 4th. Highlights of the swimming can be viewed all this week on channel 9, late at night. Check your tv guide for times. Stay tuned for more news on both matt and daniel.

23 March 1999
On the evening of the 21st, both daniel and matt competed in seperate semi's for the 200m free. Daniel was up first starting in lane 4. he placed 2nd with a time of 1:50:22 a fracrion behind Todd Pearson, and Bill Kirby came in 3rd.
In Matt's semi, he came 4th with a time of 1:50:84 behind Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett and Michael Klim.
Last night, was the finals of the 200m free, Matt was in lane 1 and Daniel was next to him in lane 2. The overall result was:
1) Hackett (with a time close to wr)
2) Ian Thorpe
3) Klim
4) Pearson
5) Matt Dunn- 1:50:43
6) Kirby
7) Matkovitch
8) Daniel Kowalski- 1:51:43
Both guys both had great times.
Also, on the 21st, Matt resurfaced in the 400m individual medley. He's currently the commonwealth and Australian Record holder.The first two legs weren't as strong as the last 2, because breaststroke is one of his best strokes. He came in 1st place with a time of 4:18:24. congrats. More swimming on tonight on ch9 as well as on Foxtel for aussie viewers.

24 March 1999
Last night was tuesday, and there was the semi final for the 100m free which matt competed in. He started in lane 1, and came 6th place with a time of 51:88 nehind Klim, Thorpe and Hass.
A major highlight of lastnight was the 200m free relay. there was a Word Record performance by Grant Hackett. So much attention went to him, that we never actually found out who else was in the relay. I presume that matt and daniel were both in there somewhere.
I found some more pics of both matt and daniel. Generally i have more daniel pictures. I scanned one myself too. They can be found in my snap shots section.

26 March 1999
Night 5 was an inyeresting evening at the telstra australian championships. For a pleasant surprise, Daniel competed in the 200m backstroke semi finals becasue he's apparaently switching. His time was pretty impresive at 2:04:12 coming int 3rd place. Unfortunately his time wasn't fast enough to get him in the finals. But it was a great start to a healthy future.
Matt dunn had the 200im semi final last wednesday as well. he started in lane 5 and hoped to break the 2 min barrier which he hasn't yet been able to do, even though he's considered one of the best turners in the world. He came in 1st place with a time of 2:03:89 which guaranteed him a spot in teh finals which were held last night. Unfortunately matt came down with a virus and a tempersature of 40.5 degrees celcius. Instead of risking long time sickness and risking his chances at the world short course next week, he opted out, leaving the way for Vad Der Zant to win the event. Get well soon.

30 March 1999
Daniel and matt weren't part of the last two nights events of the champinships. They should be part of the world short course this week in Hong Kong.

2 April 1999
Night 1 of the world shortcourse championships in Hong Kong proved to be very eventful for the Australian Team. Ian Thorpe broke the 200m world record, The 4x100m relay broke a championship record and petria thomas was touched out by one hundredth of a second for first place. Matty Dunn competed in the 400im medley after recently recovering from a virus. he started in lane 2, 5th fastest qualifier and was always on track for a medal. His main competition was Marcel Wouda of the Netherlands and the race was tight between them until the last leg of the race where Matt broke away, beating him by 3 seconds with a time of 4:06:05.
I wouldn't have a clue whether Daniel is in Hong Kong or not, so we'll have to wait and see.

5 April 1999
Unfortunately i missed Night 2 of the World Championship in Hong Kong, because i fell asleep infront of the tv. How sad is that?! But my friend should've taped it, so i'll be able to get it off her and get all the news on the relay disqualification!
Night 3- Matt had the 100m im, and he came 2nd to Finland's Jani Sievinen. His time was 54:77, .59 seconds behind, Sievinsen.
Night 4 (sunday) was a great night to end the World Championships. World Records flew from everywhere!
Matt had the 200m im and he was in Lane 4. As expected he came first place and clocked 1:55:81, and new Championship Record. Which also is also a PB for him. Great work. And to top it all off, Matt was named swimmer of the meet, for the 3rd time in a row.
As it turns out, Daniel was in Hong Kong =] He too has also just recovered from the flu, which is why he didn't compete in the 1500 m free in QLD. Daniel had a great swim in he 1500m free. He started in Lane 3, next to Grant Hackett. Of course Grant outshone the rest of the field, blitzing them with a time of 14:32:87 13 seconds off his own WR. Daniel held a steady poisition of 2nd and 3rd most of the way. His final touch was at 14:51:44 showing that he's still in great form, placing 3rd after hackett and Graeme Smith of GB.
Australia overall performed terrific at the meet with a total of 27 medals, 9 of which were gold.
I'll get back to you guys about Night 2.
There's a new section up where i blab on about my thoughts on swimming. I can't tell you if it's interesting or not since my opinion is slightly biased. so read it for yourself here. As soon as i find my microphone, i'll be making new sounds.

7 April 1999
I went pic surfing and i found a whole bunch of new pics which can be found here. I've updated the bio's section as well. =]

15 April 1999
My dad got this Hyundai brochure, and surprise surprise, there was a little section on Matt =] He drives a Coupe, and unfortunately for all you Matt fans, he's got a girlfriend, who's also a swimmer. As soon as i get my hands on a scanner, i'll put up the picture and interview.
The Age Newspaper had a little bit on how Daniel was returning back to Queensland to train with his old coach, because he's unsatisfied with the AIS swim program. I'll also scan that and put that up. Yesterday on The Today Show, There was an interview with Daniel. I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but my friend taped it. Sadly, she was only able to get the last couple of questions, But that's better than nothing =].
That's basically all the news for now. I'm in the process of putting up a new section. Tell you more about that at a later date, so stay posted.

23 April 1999
New pics

11 July 1999
In a brief article in The Age on Wednesday 7 July, it was reported that "Daniel Kowalski won't be making a premature return to the pool after shoulder surgery, according to his coach Denis Cotterell." Training for daniel should begin agian in about October. He won't be able to compete in the Pan Pacs next month.

31 July 1999
Daniel Kowalski recently was a guest on Channel Seven's "All Star Squares" which is a game show where the stars answer the questions and the contestants either agree or disagree. Daniel was in the top right hand corner of the noughts and crosses box all week, and was very convincing when giving his 'answers'. Other guests included Toti Goldsmith, Georgie Parker & John Jarrat.
for you guys, but i don't! sorry!

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