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22 August 1999- 14 July 2000

22 August 1999
I gave this site a bit of a makeover, so now it's kinda.. ah.. Colourful =]
Article section has gone up!
PAN PACS START TODAY!! CHECK YOUR LOCAL TV GUIDES FOR BROADCAST DETAILS. But here in Melbourne, channel 9 6:30-7:30pm, 10:30 pm tonight, 7-8:45pm weekdays =] (prime time!!)
Daniel is one of the hosts for the pan PACs since his shoulder has prevented him from competing. Good luck to Matt who will be competing in the 200im and 400im. Yay!! *happy* More details? Pan PACs Here, yo can also send a heronet to Matt! cheer him along too!
SO, lotsa sound files coming soon!!!! =]

23 August 1999
Congratulations to Matt in the 400im tonight. It was a very hairy race which was delayed for about 5 minutes due to a technical fault, but when it eventually began Matt was trailing at 3rd and 4th throughout the first 3 legs of the race. In the final stage, Dunn's freestyle dominance prevailed and he pulled neck and neck with Curtis Myden of Canada. Matt touched the wall half a stroke ahead of Myden with a time of 4:16:52, and Matt's ecstatisism showed. 3rd place went to Tom Wilkens of the US.
Sound clip of the interview conducted by Nicole Stevenson coming soon.
Daniel is beginning to gain experience with his commentating and he has been inspired by fellow swimmers such as Ian Thorpe, and can't wait to be back in the pool. BTW, congrats to Ian for both his WR breaking feats!

15 September 1999
stupid counter got reset.. had to get a new one at listbot. Counter value is approximately what it was.. =]

19 September 1999
Got my old counter fixed, so it's all cool now =] I added more links!

21 September 1999
I've put up a whole bunch of new pics of both Daniel and Matt that I found after surfing through LOTS of pages! So you guys out there, be grateful! I've done all the searching so that you don't =] !!
Even though this site has mainly been about Daniel and Matt, I've decided to branch out. There's now a new section up about US backstroker Lenny Krayzelburg. Has bios, the latest updates, lotsa pics! Tell me what you think of it =]
I've added more to the 'Blah' page.

7 October 1999
Daniel's been doing some TV appearance on Channel 7 for the Hypothetical thing. And the word was that he was also on an Episode of Alive and Kicking. Matt has also been on TV He appeared on Good News Week and regrettably, I missed it!! d'oh!
Daniel's back in the pool and it is predicted that he won't be back into full form until the beginning of next year.

12th November 1999
I've been having trouble with my e-mail, so some messages may have been lost. Please send again. I apologise for any inconvenience! Also, sorry for not updating for a while, but I have had exams to study for.

26th November 1999
Just the other day, Daniel made a speech to members of the United Nations, New York, to appeal that all issues and international affairs be put aside during the Olympics Games.

8th December 1999
Results from the US OPEN (longcourse) December 2-4 1999:
Stroke Distance P/F Time Place Date
Free 200 F 1:54.16L 21 1999-12-02
Free 200 P 1:54.13L 21 1999-12-02
Free 400 F Scr - 1999-12-02
Free 400 P 4:00.35L - 1999-12-02
Stroke Distance P/F Time Place Date
Free 100 P 52.49L - 1999-12-02
Free 200 F 1:53.37L 16 1999-12-02
Free 200 P 1:53.39L 16 1999-12-02
IM 200 F 2:02.27L 2 1999-12-02 behind Marcel Wouda of the Netherlands.
IM 200 P 2:04.30L 21999-12-02
4x200m Freestyle Relay:
Place: 1) Todd Pearson, Bill Kirby, Matt Dunn and Michael Klim (AIS)
Place: 2) Grant Hackett, Ian Van Der Wal, Kieren Perkins, Daniel Kowalski (QAS)

14th January 2000
Daniel was at the Queensland champs, and placed 3rd in the 1500m free behind Hackett & Perkins respectively.
Matt and Daniel did not compete at the Hobart leg of the World Cup (25m shortcourse), although both should appear at the Sydney meet beginning on the 17th of this month.

16th January 2000(my bday! =])
Here are the times for 800m free that Daniel swam at the Qld Champs:
1st- Grant Hackett, 7.52.3
2nd- Kieren Perkins, 8.00.87
3rd- Daniel Kowalski, 8.02.96

see also, this article.
The article section has been updated, and I have added some pics to the snap shots sections.

1st February 2000
Well, my holidays are over, and it's time for me to knuckle down and plunge myself into the new school year. This year is an important year for me, as it's Yr. 12; my FINAL year of highschool. So that means that I probably won't have as much time to update this site. I'll continue finding new pics for your guys to view, but I don't think that I'll be able to give you guys the latest news and swim meet results on Dan and Matt Of course, I'll try and find some time to do it, but since that Daniel has a site that he updates (thanks to Daniel Chemowith for telling me of the Telstra site), I really don't need to put up his swimming times and stuff. He'll be more accurate and prompt than I anyway! Read more on this topic in the blah section =]
Daniel and Matt both performed well at the Sydney leg of the world cup (25m). Results:
100im 1st-Jani Sievenen (FIN) 54:87, 2nd-Kunpeng Ouyang (CHN) 54:88, 3rd- Grant McGregor (AUS) 55:43, 4th- Matthew Dunn (AUS) 55:58.
200m free 1st- Ian Thorpe (AUS) WR, 7th-Matthew Dunn (AUS) 1:48:33. Matt wore a legged suit in this race.
200im 1st- Matt Dunn (AUS) 1:57:89, 2nd- Jani Sievenen (FIN) 1:58:13, 3rd- Curtis Myden (CAN) 1:58:58.
400m free 8th- Daniel Kowalski (AUS) 3:35:75.
1500m free (I lost the piece of paper I wrote the results for this race on!)

18th March 2000
Speedo has released a new full length swim suit called the 'Fastskin.' Matt was one of three swimmers (Susie O'Neil & Michael Klim) to unveil the new suit at SIAC last Friday. Matt says "I'm rapt with the suit, I think it definitely can improve some times." Click here to see an article and photo from The Age newspaper of bodysuit.
Meanwhile, Daniel has been regularly updating his Telstra site, and I've been asking him some questions. Click here for my new section in Funkyswim (Q&A with DK) which lists the questions that I have asked Daniel, and his responses.

10th April 2000
New feature on Funkyswim: Send a Funkyswim Postcard! Choose from swimmers such as Daniel Kowalski, Matthew Dunn, Lenny Krayzelburg, Susie O'neill, Ian Thorpe, Simon Cowley, Michael Klim, Jenny Thompson, Joanne Malar.

18th April 2000
Daniel Kowalski spotted on TV on Monday 17th April on 'cleo's bachelor of the year'. He was talking about Grant Hackett and Ky Hursts' nominations.
Olympic Trials are less than 4 weeks away! They have been combined with the Australian Championships and will be held at the Sydney International Aquatic Centre. If you will be in the area around May 13-20th, buy some tickets (through ticketek) as it is sure to be a great meet, showcasing Australia's potential Olympic talent. Matt and Daniel are expected to compete to qualify for the Olympic team. Both are no stranger to the process as they have previously competed at the Olympics.

30th April 2000
Hey, I've made a new quiz, so try it out and see how much you know about Daniel and Matt. I must admit, the questions are not very difficult! =] the advantage of this quiz is that you get your results back instantaneously, but you do not get your name of listed on the winners section. So I guess I'll keep the old quiz up too =]

20th May 2000
YAY! They're going to the Olympics! Matt: 200im & 400im, Daniel: 4x200m relay. Congratulations guys! Check back in a few days for the full wrap.

26th May 2000
Matt competed in 4 events at the Australian Championships which was combined with the Olympic Selection Trials, and qualified for 2 events. The Sydney Olympics will be Matt's 3rd Olympic Games. Below are his results from his races:

200m freestyle heat
26.61, 54.62, 1:23.17, 1:51.52
200m freestyle semi-final
26.55, 54.56, 1:22.83, 1:51.21
400im heats
28.08, 1:00.00, 1:34.66, 2:08.19, 2:45.35, 3:21.83, 3:53.74, 4:23.77
400im final
200im heats
27.08, 58.34, 1:33.39, 2:02.85
200im semifinal
26.87, 58.30, 1:33.00, 2:01.84
200im final
26.73, 57.92, 1:32.37, 2:01.28
100m freestyle heats

Daniel swam 3 events, and qualified 5th fastest in order to gain a spot on the 4x200m relay. Daniel did not swim the 1500m free or the final of the 400m free as he was preserving his shoulder:

200m freestyle heat
26.11, 53.91,1:22.11, 1:50.07
200m freestyle semifinal
25.72, 53.24, 1:21.17, 1:48.69
200m freestyle final
25.46, 52.86, 1:20.67, 1:48.13
400m freestyle heat
27.10, 56.19 , 1:25.93, 1:55.70, 2:25.64, 2:55.55, 3:25.89, 3:55.46
4x200m club relay (Miami)
0:25.26, 0:53.07, 1:21.34, 1:49.27

Related articles: Swimmers spurred by on by a home-pool advantage, 'The Age' 22-05-00.

Some good news for my fellow Melbournians- it seems that Premier Steve Bracks has helped to secure a leg of the Fina Word Cup. The event will be held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre for the next 5 years. I'm so excited!! You can bet that I will be there!

Related articles: Swim cup leg wooed to Victoria, 'The Age' 24-05-00

2nd July 2000
Happy Birthday Daniel =]

Noticed that Funkyswim looks a bit different? Well then your observations would be correct! Yes, I have given Funkyswim a bit of a fresh look including new intro page, whilst still maintaining many of its previous features. Please take the time to tell me what you think. New features include desktop wallpapers, shockwave intro and sitemap. There are heaps more photo's in the pics section and an updated calendar of events. Enjoy!

Both Daniel and Matt competed at the recent Telstra Grand Prix 1 meet in Canberra. Matt's events include 200m breastroke and 1500m free:

"There is also a surprise entrant in the mens 1500 metres freestyle, with individual medley specialist, Matt Dunn, entered alongside Perkins and Craig Stevens. Dunn confirmed today he would swim his "first major 1500 metres in a race." "I can't remember the last time I swam a 1500m, I think I was about 14 maybe," Dunn said. "Gennadi (Touretsky) wants me to swim it as a training swim and I will also contest the 200 metres backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. It should be an interesting weekend, to say the least." "

Oh yeah, and Daniel will be carrying the Olympic flame on the 31st July in Pt Melbourne, so if you're in the area around 6.30pm, drop by!

14th July 2000
"Other members of the Australian team, including Michael Klim, Matt Dunn and Sarah Ryan, will return from a camp in Hawaii next week to contest the Brisbane meet, to be swum at the Chandler Aquatic Centre on Saturday and Sunday, July 22 and 23 (Heats 9 am each day, with finals starting at 2pm)."

I rang up Swimming Victoria today, and they said that tickets to the Melbourne Telstra Grand Prix will be available through Ticketmaster.

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