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misc swim pics

Here are just a bunch of miscellaneous swimming pics. So far in this collection, swimmers include Simon Cowley, Lenny Krayzelburg, Joanne Malar & Ian Thorpe.

By clicking on any of the below images, a new window will pop up so that you can see the lager version . If you do not wish to open a new window, right click on the image and select "open link" or "browse" depending on your browser. Any pics with borders means that i've recently added it.

Simon Cowley:
(exclusive to funkyswim-if you would like to use these pics, please put a link up)

Even though he's a US swimmer, and i should be patriotic and all that and only support Australian swimmers, how can you help but not admire Lenny Krayzelburg, WR holder for the 50m,100m AND 200m Backstroke? (24/8/99) Also see my Lenny Krayzelburg section.

cool photo:

click for a larger version- trust me, it's huge!

it was originally found at

Joanne Malar of Canada:

Canadian, Joanne Malar at Pan Pacs 99 with a toy Kangaroo

Ian Thorpe:

Jessica Degleau of Canada:


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