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daniel kowalski links


Daniel's official site at Telstra

Stratagem Sports Management- Manages Daniel and other athletes such as Petria Thomas, Chris Anstey & others.

Swimmers Web -including Daniel, Ian Thorpe, Susie O'Neill and others.

Team National-sponsor of Dan and others



matthew dunn links



Fina bio



lenny krayzelburg links


The Lenny Krayzelburg Web Page

14:59:99 Fansite - Analyses Lenny's stroke

Lenny Krayzelburg Yahoo! Club - you must have a Yahoo! ID for extra access.



australian swimmers, swimming & sport


NSW Swimming

ACT Swimming

Tasmanian Swimming

Susie O'Neill -Telstra

Ian Thorpe -Telstra

AIS Australian Institute of Sport (swimming)

Australian Olympic Committee

Australian Olympic Swimming Trials 2000 -Telstra

Justin Norris - his own site.



swimming, swimmers & sport


FINA-governing swimming body with bios, calendar, news etc

US Swimming-this is a brilliant site which is always updated with lotsa great info and pics of US swimmers
USA Swimming

Canada's swim web

World Cup hosted by Telstra (Hobart & Sydney leg)

ESPN- Sport in general

American College Sports (swimming)

NBC Olympics- The Summer Olympics section has been replaced by the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics website.

2002 Shortcourse World Championships, Moscow, Russia

Aaron Peirsol

Aaron Peirsol Online fansite

Michael Phelps his official website

Michael Phelps Online cool fansite

Michael Phelps: All American



other swim related links


Swimming Hall of Fame

Swimnews Online- Online swim mag

The Swim-Ring!
Site Owner: Funkyswim

Ian Thorpe fan club

Joanne Malar fan site

Elitesports- athletes include Simon Cowley & Alayna Burns (cyclist)



olympic (2000) links


Official Olympic Web site

Channel 7 Olympic Web site

NBC Olympics

USA Swimming Olympics Web site

Australian Swimming

USA Swimming Olympics Web site

ABC tv

Swimmers Web Coverage

Sydney 2000 fans

USA Today Olympics

Sydney 2000 fans



other links


Bic Empire- my bic runga homepage which i'm 'still working on'

Stay Savage our savage garden homepage

Skechers- Skechers USA shoes (my fave shoe!)

Webrings- create a webring for your site

Ronan Vibert Informative fan site on British actor, Ronan Vibert

Tara Maclean Official website for Canadian singer, Tara Maclean

Bravenet free website hosting, etc.

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