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Daniel Kowalski is a dual Olympian competing successfully at the 1996 Atlanta Games and again in Sydney. Atlanta, Daniel walked away with bronze in both 400m and 200m freestyle and a silver in the 1500m. Shoulder injuries hampered efforts for repeating glory in his home country during the Sydney 2000 Olympics. His contributions as a swimmer in the heats of the 4x200m freestyle relay earnt him an Olympic gold medal.

After the Sydney Olympics, Daniel underwent surgery first on his left shoulder in December 2000, then his right shoulder in March 2001. After a 15 month absence from competitive swimming, Daniel's return was dutifully celebrated at the Melbourne Fina World Cup 2001 with a 5th placing in the 400m freestyle, and first placing in the 1500m.

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"There were some people who doubted that I would be able to get back and that was a motivation for me. I used it as a source of motivation and it's quite satisfying."

Daniel's work in the community includes being a supporter of Diabetes Australia and Olympic Aid.

In May 2002, Daniel announced his retirement from competitve swimming.

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Olympic Games, Athens, Greece.13-29 August 2004

7th FINA World Swimming Championship (25m),
Indianapolis, USA. 7-11 October 2004

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